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small world -- one of the organizers is a former boss of mine, he used to work at the engineering library (when there was one)...


We went to Insight off the 91 in Artesia (). If you don't have a gun and buy your ammo at the range it can get a little peircy. A typical breakdown would look like $14 for the lane, $10 for pistol rental and about $10 for 50 rounds (it is easy to shoot 200 rounds of 9mm). So you're looking at maybe $60.If you brought your own gun then you avoid that cost and can bring your own ammo which you could probably buy in bulk for less. If you have never shot before then it could be worth the money that first time for the experience and too see if you enjoy it.If we go again I'll let you know. We went with Sarah's dad but as far as I know she can borrow any of his guns if he felt comfortable with that. Denise went with us before but she shot the little girly guns.


Do you have any physical iiaimndttion tales from the Bookfest???Missed that, Antonio.Wouldn't entirely surprise me, though.The selfish bookfester with the shopping trolley full of books, an offsider, a mobile phone and a box sitting on top of a heap of books others would like to look at is certainly not unknown. Some of these people are very large too.I spoke to one such person who'd completely obscured about a metre's worth of books. I leaned over to look at one I could just see and she remonstrated with me. I'm sorting books . Don't you think that's a bit rude to others who might like to look at the books under the ones in your box and all the piles you're constructing on top of books , I asked. Response was a grunt.


Recomand tuturor sa mgeraa in librariile Nemira. Eu am cumparat carti de povesti pentru copii foarte frumoase si la un pret foarte mic -5 lei desi cartea costa initial 24 lei.


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