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Saw that a few days ago, crazy but I'm not surprised what's coinmg next?All the sexist comments stuff like how her hair is 20 years out of date' or how she shrills when she speaks I like her for a lot of reasons and more so than McCain but I do think there's a bit of a strategy to having her as a running mate. It's much easier/acceptable to spin / use sexism in the media than to spin / use racism.Last night after CNN finished their RNC broadcast, yes CNN it was in HD so I had to. All their reporters were praising her speech and her tenacity. Then someone mentioned about Reid's Shrill comment and then CNN when into MEGA spin mode all the panelists were offended (especially the women) and that was the attention for the remainder of the night, they even had a BLACK WOMAN offended.So maybe the McCain team found a way (in Palin) to use the media bias / spin machine to their favor we all know Obama's has the race card in his pocket and now it's useless.

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