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I would like to put in a vote for Hominids being a great book as well. I really enjoyed it, so much so that I ran right out and picked up Humans. I didn't like that one quite as much, but will certainly read the conclusion of the trilogy.

Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber is another really fine book. The mythology and culture of the story are something rare in a field largely dominated by North American/European writers.


Duppy is a voodoo term for the "soul". I think it's an alternate term for ti-bon-ange, which in voodooism is the part of the soul that remains with the body after a person dies. After a person dies, it's important to do the Nine Night ritual to prevent the duppy from doing evil acts.

I recommend TELL MY HORSE by Zora Neale Hurtson if you want to read more about Haiti and Jamaica and voodoo.


Do the lady and the neanderthal finally get it on in Humans?

Thanks for the translation, Lisa. If you've done a lot of reading about haiti and voodoo and so forth, you'd probably enjoy Midnight Robber even more than I did. I thought a duppy was some kind of ghost, but it wasn't clear.


Yeah, Ponter and Mary get together finally in Humans. We also get to see a lot more of Neandrethal society.

I've got to say that the thing I liked least about Humans was Mary. She seemed to turn more and more into a cardboard cut-out of a middle-aged, insecure woman who indulges in pseudo-feminist musings of the 'if women didn't have to deal regularly with men in their daily lives, everything would be just peachy'. Sisterhood blah blah blah.

While there are people that think this way (quite a few of them, I know), this combined with an unsophisticated defense of theism/Catholicism just made me more annoyed with Mary than sympathetic to her. I mean, I expect a bit more in the rigorous logic department from a world-renowned scientist than 'it makes people happy to believe this, so how dare you say it isn't true'.

Unfortunately, I ended up liking both Ponter and Mary less at the end of the book than I had at the beginning. I want to stress that I still enjoyed reading the book and found it really engaging. It's just that some of the character's quirks started to push my buttons by the end.


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