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What about verbs like "asked" or "told?" I can't really remember ever writing a dialogue tag with a verb other than said, asked, or told. But I'm not sure if the latter two are allowed by Elmore's rules. If so, then I agree completely. I find it convenient for characters to "ask" on occasion. Sounds more natural sometimes. I never adverb. I mostly agree with his rules. I don't like reading long descriptions and I don't like writing them, either. I think Connie Willis is probably the writer most similar to my own style, so it's comforting to know that she doesn't describe her characters in detail. In reading her books, I never noticed a lack of description, and thus didn't miss it.

Steven Harper Piziks

"Any rule with 'never' in it is begging to be broken," Steven muttered darkly.

The non-never rules I mostly agree with, though. It's a bad, bad idea to open with the weather. Who cares? Open with =people=.

I would say, though, that in SF and fantasy, you have more liberty to go into detail describing people and places, since you may be describing some really weird stuff . . .



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