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To represent an opposite view point.... This below article at the UK Guardian touches on the main reasons why I won't see The Passion of Christ and give money to Mel Gibson.


Catherine Shaffer

He's entitled to his opinion, but it's pretty extreme, and I suspect like many scathing reviews, composed to make himself sound as maximally clever, educated, and erudite as possible. The fact that he seems to have missed that Satan was played by a woman tells me that this wasn't a careful or serious evaluation of the movie. I might have missed this film, because I was put off by reviews such as this one. Instead, I'm actually glad I saw it. There was a lot of food for thought and there was no substantial difference in antisemitic content from the gospel of Luke. In fact, there was one line that bothered me a lot, and when I looked it up, it was straight from the gospel. I think there are a lot of subtleties to this Passion that have been overlooked by the masses. I read one review that criticizes the presence of Pontius' wife in the film as being too sympathetic, etc. But I thought the scene where she delivers the towels was really *interesting*. The way she's trembling, cringing, and averting her eyes from Mary even as she's trying to do something compassionate was very, well, all I can say is Interesting. Likewise, I heard someone else who was upset by the way Mary stares into the camera at the end. He interpreted it as an accusatory stare, but as the camera pans backward, you can see that Mary is holding Jesus' body, with her hand outstretched, palm upward, in an imitation of The Pieta. I thought that was Interesting as well. There was a lot that was Interesting. I don't think it was a Must See, and I don't want to browbeat anyone into viewing it, but I also wouldn't want to see anyone substituting a reviewer's judgment for their own if they have an interest. If it's something that you might be attracted to on your own, it's worth seeing and judging for yourself. If you might have missed it if not for the hype, or if it plain doesn't interest you, then that's okay, too. There are other movies.

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