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Catherine Shaffer

Congratulations, Steven. Rather than being a scam, it is a small and largely symbolic recognition what you have already accomplished.


Congrats, Steven!

>>"I don't know if I can write that slow, but I'll try."

Hee, hee, hee!

Wally Piziks

I thought that German would be easy, back in 64 cause we threw it around in the house, but it was really challenging. Endings and all that. Good to see it is going well on your trip. My puter crashed and I am writing from the complimentary puter here at the boat dock in Harrisville. A gem of a port. Beautifull scenery, over a hundred Canadian geese with their young ones etc. Here with Indul and wife and Mr. K. Heading back tommorow. Love you. Greetings to your mother and Sasha. Dad

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