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Well, at least when you do it, your characters won't be fooled because they're *stupid*, it will be because your villain is wicked and smart. I don't know if that's of any consolation to you. I read a few romances a year, and the romantic leads having trouble because they're just idiots is one of the things that always annoys me when I run across it. Unfortunately, I must be in the minority because it appears to be something of a genre trope.


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Whatever respect I had for Sarah Palin dapepsearid while watching that clip of her hunting caribou. Being a lousy shot is one thing, but I can't take seriously the notion that she's a real hunter when she asks if the rifle kicks, has her dad load the rifle, has no idea how to shoot off of a pack, and has her dad work the fucking bolt for her. I realize that reality TV shows are heavily edited, but anyone halfway familiar with a rifle would at least know how to load it and work the goddamn action.She's just another politician to me, I say the Republicans should run a Poptart Cat/Barry Goldwater's corpse ticket in 2012, Obama's going to win anyway, might as well .


How is it that so many Democrats are criticizing President Obama for not doing more, when the snktiing Republicans are fighting his every move? If he pushes forward, like on health care reform, he gets criticized for not involving Republicans. But when he tries to reach out to them, they sabotage him. Their goal is to make him fail. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! They want him to fail, no matter what it does to the country. Take America back from the RWNJs before it's too late!

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