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Catherine Shaffer

This is really cool, Sarah. Seems a bit more meaningful that a published review. Some real person took the time to write it BY HAND and tape it up!

Steven Piziks

I love it!


Sarah Zettel

Wow! That is way cool indeed, and such a venu too. Bakka books is huge, independent and very well respected. I will sooo take this.


I think they had a staff review for your first camelot novel too, but I'm not sure I have a picture for that one.


I'm pretty sure they did.

For those who haven't been to Bakka, they do this for a small but noticeable portion of the books (maybe one per two or three shelves).


Sarah - congrats! That's very, very cool.


Dear Sarah (like you'll ever read this):You had your chance foonwlilg the Tucson tragedy. You could have been positive. You could have said that your rhetoric and media imagery was not meant to harm anyone, and that maybe everyone needs to re-examine how they portray ideas in the media.I realize that everything you say in public comes from someone else because you can't think outside of the box you have made for yourself. You didn't even know what the term blood libel meant before you said it. Someone who writes for you said to themselves, hey, let's have her use the term blood libel', that will get people's attention . The problem is you used a terrible national tragedy and made it about you. You are trying to score political points off of the senseless murders by a madman.No one blamed you directly, or even in any major way for Tucson, not even the liberal media. They questioned your judgment and how you express yourself. They will always question your judgment and how you express yourself because you have opened yourself for these questions. Everyone knows that an unstable psychopath is to blame for Tucson. I seriously doubt that this Loughner kid paid any attention to your politics.Did you or the people who put the words in your mouth even listen to President Obama's speech in Tucson? That type speech said the types of things that leaders say. That was presidential. You could have taken the high road on Tucson, but as usual you made Tucson about you. Poor Sarah. The lame-stream media is attacking me again.Who are you Sarah? Your not interested in leadership or you wouldn't have resigned as governor. I suspect your handlers knew that your building unpopularity in Alaska was going to be a liability for you. Who are you Sarah? You are certainly good at being a celebrity, which is your business now. You have developed a millionaire brand which is remarkable. It's like nothing anyone in this country has ever seen before. You are a normal person with no discernible skills and maybe average intelligence. Your ideas are not original and yet somehow you have parlayed your brand into this money making machine. That's celebrity Sarah, not leadership. You need to understand the difference.Who are you Sarah? Why are you famous? John McCain made you famous outside of Alaska because he knew that he could not beat Barack Obama. He was that desperate. I think he knew he had nothing to lose so he picked a good looking woman who would stir up the extreme right for him. You could tell throughout the campaign that he regretted that decision every time you spoke in public.Who are you Sarah? Your Bristol's mom. The two of you are famous in the same way that celebrities like Paris Hilton are, nothing. You aren't good at anything, you have no skills, you have nothing positive to contribute to our society and the only way you thrive is off the very media that you criticize. I don't blame you for not being friendly with the liberal media because your not smart enough to go head-to-head with them. They would embarrass you and make you look foolish every time. Let's face it Sarah, you are a graceless buffoon when asked for comment outside of your comfort zone. Hannety will roll you some ground balls tailored to answers you have been coached to give by your handlers.Who are you Sarah? President Palin? If you have any concern about your brand, you shouldn't try to run for nomination. You wouldn't survive the run and there would be too much damage control after everything you said. A campaign would require you to be more open in public and you can't afford that because you're not good at thinking on your feet. You would need to show leadership and all you would be able come up with is your programed mama grizzly vitriolic tea party rhetoric.Who are you Sarah? I will admit, you are entertaining. You are an entertainer. I do hope you run for the presidential nomination because that would be high entertainment. And this country needs entertainment. It would be great watching you going at with serious intelligent politicians. The debates would be phenomenal. Plus I love Tina Fey. Tina Fey impersonating you at debates for a year, would have exceptional value. I can see Russia from my house .A nine year old was murdered in Tucson at a political meet and greet and you have turned it into another Sarah Palin pity party for your own political purposes. That's who Sarah is.


Yeah, but a HUGE front page + cont splash in local paper in 92, the FBI and hi pilorfe state attorneys to be filing embezzlement charges against local ambulance workers for being paid. The FBI and attorneys knew very well that most 503(c) orgs (like hospitals) pay workers. Smell a rat? The paper didn't report that gas had been drained or battery cables cut on the amb. I got no answer from the AG, insisting a murder was planned. 5 days later, two children bled to death, no ambulance. News.

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