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Mark Everson

So Jack prefers being bonked on the head to the violin. . . I guess that's one vote for his future being in football vs. orchestra. And on the violin incident, you obviously need a psychoanalysis fund in addition to the the college fund. ;-)


What is he, about five or six months old now? It's been a while since I read this, but I know that babies' stimulus barrier changes some time early in the first year. At first, they can sleep through an earthquake. Then at some point they can't block out noise like that anymore. I'm not sure when that is, but it could account for the change. Maybe you could try some violin music on cd and see if that bothers him, turned down to a reasonable level. Or maybe play in a different room. I think that the sound of a violin is pretty shrill to small ears. It bothers Glen a little. When my teacher played at my last lesson, he was there. She played beautifully, but he slapped his hands over his ears like he was in pain. Actually, it kind of makes me think of how children are more sensitive to bitter flavors in food, hence dislike of bitter veggies like broccoli.

Anyway, let's hope that slow, gradual hearing damage will cure the problem by the time he's school-aged or so.

(by the way, I found an excellent suzuki violin teacher. Something to think about in a few years. Glen will be starting lessons in the fall.)

Steven Piziks

Oh dear! Aran never went through this with the harp, fortunately.

Sometimes it's amazing that children actually survive babyhood! :)



Mark -

Hee! On the football vs. orchestra. If he takes after his father in strength and general indestructability, football's not a bad option.

Catherine -

I thought that might be the case - the sound sensitivity. I was sitting very close to him, right on the same level. He does like music of all sorts, including fiddle, if they're played on the CD player. He was probably just surprised by the very loud, very sudden sound. But I can definitely count on that slow, gradual hearing damage. We're not exactly a quiet family. :)

Steven -

Too true on the surviving babyhood. In addition to an overenthusiastic father, Jack has absolutely no sense of self-preservation, and I don't really expect he'll develop one before he turns, oh, twenty-five.

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