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Hi Suzie,I wanted to share with you a BIG supisrre I got that was inspired by your beautiful prescription paintings. When I first saw what you were doing by starting your day with an activity you so love, I couldn't imagine doing that without getting distracted by the delightful experience of doing one of my favorite things. I kept seeing your lovely paintings roll out one after another and thought that must be a great way to start your day.Since one of my favorite things is to listen to music, I decided to give it a try as an energizer break. I was feeling very tired one afternoon and put on the very high energy pumping song Gloria by Laura Brannigan. I suddenly felt very energized. Thanks for inspiring me to try that. Also I look forward to seeing more of your colorful prescriptions .Columbia Jones last fabulous post..Suzie Cheel Reply:May 24th, 2011 at 6:16 pmHi Columbia,Thanks for your brilliant feedback. I am stoked that I inspired you to follow a passion and that it energized you.What you have written has inspired me now I have completed My Ask Your Guides course. That will be back on my June goals. I am working on my chakras- the base one and now that painting with one color has it's limitations-Back to multicolor so I inspire you and others again.LoveSuzie

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