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Hi Sarah, I hope you find this interesting? These isuses need to be brought out into the open and somehow resolved .Thank you and God Bless . Sarah, devle into the darker side of Gov't corruption and investigate the fastest growing SSI subculture being created by our Gov't today-all in order to bankrupt and undermine our Democratic Republic . Our Gov't is carrying out a domestic foreign invasion here in the US by allowing millions of legal (those with visas and commonwealth status) and illegal immigrants to flood across our borders at will-many of which are ending up with some type mental and physical diagnosis placing them and/or their anchor baby children on SSI payrolls thus-bankrupting and underminding our schooling system both public and at home, our healthcare system both public and at home, our jails, prisons, institutions, our Religion, Culture, our Constitution, our form of Gov't and Voting . Our Gov't gives these immigrants free food, free subsidized homes, cars, jobs, businesses, schooling, healthcare and are allowed to mysteriously vote . Many of our communities have been transformed-in short periods of time-into third world socialized ghettos-boiling pots of cultural conflict and subversion with many of our young girls and women getting hooked on drugs, knocked up by multiple partners or having multiple abortions and the list goes on . Many of these legal and illegal immigrants that I've came into contact with are strongly anti-American and are subversive with their speech, lifestyles (displaying flags from their own country in their homes, cars or on their clothing) and attitudes . These Gov't strongarm divide and conquer tatics being implimented against us have by and large leveled the American people and our playing field . Many unemployed American men are being jailed, institutionalized, made homless, or diagnose with something or another and placed on SSI with medications . Men and young men here in America have no rights to their children born or unborn and are increasingly encountering sexism in hiring practices, white men have no affirmative action protection, and over half the work force and half the homes with children in them today is made up of many single moms working in Gov't jobs, subsidized jobs, low paying jobs receiving Gov't SSI (with mental medications) benefits or some other kinds of benefits for themseleves and their children . I have seen households with up to three children in it each receiving SSI with a Gov't program that pays a part of the mortgage and taxes on the house the Gov't is helping them purchase-and not one family member could speak proper english-if at all! They received in-home healthcare, in-home school tutoring, new to fairly new car, child care money for the boyfriend baby sitting, and the list goes on . I really do not know how much longer the Gov't can support all this subsidized living while they at the same time are stripping out the private job sectore and bankrupting the future unborn American . Bob from Jamestown .

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