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Mark Everson

Hey Erica, thanks for sharing!

I need to admit that I thought 'a soother' was a euphemism for a body part. I was then Very surprised for a split second while reading on, when Jack blew it "out of his mouth and about two feet into the air".

Catherine Shaffer

Try taking him out in the stroller at nap time. Used to work for Glen. He was a really tough case.

Now what they did at day care was put the babies face DOWN (yes, I know everyone and their brother tells you that you will kill your baby doing this--they had parents sign releases), then they would put lightweight blankets over them, including their HEADS (yes, I know, see above) and then they would beat the hell out of them. Okay, that last was an exaggeration. But they would whack the baby rhythmically on the back until he/she fell asleep (probably losing consciousness from lack of air or something). It worked on ALL of the babies, ALL of the time. You can dispense with the blanket over the head, and you could do this while holding them in your arms, but the real key is the whacking. It only works if you give them good, solid whacks. I never had the heart to whack Glen as hard as they did there to get him to sleep. (I had no problem with the face down part since he was well past the greatest danger period for SIDS by then. It made me a little nervous to see them doing this with the tiny babies.)

Anyway, there ya go--advice from a daycare in the hood. :-)


Mark - ha! and ow! And ow! again. Nope, soother not attached to me. ;)

Catherine - I've tried a modified version (no blanket, and the whacks not too hard), and Jack seems to like it. Anyway, he seems to not mind whacking his head into things (much), so I'm trying to cultivate a faith in the human survival instinct. After all, all the smart people I know endured at least one really hard smack to their noggins. Myabe that's nature's reset button. :)


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