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Tuesday I went to the Border's Book Store here in Columbus, Ohio and bought two of Sarah Palin's new books Going Rouge .Sara Palin was sedhculed to be in the store November 20, 2009 from 6 PM to 9 PM, was going to sign 1,000 books and tonight was the night.Knowing there was going to be a big crowd, Borders required that you get a wrist band to help limit the amount of people that could come in the store, since a couple thousand had been showing up for other signings. Well, we got there at 6:00 AM this morning, were numbers 310 + or in line and the doors didn't open until 10:00 AM. By the time it was over, 5 1/2 hours later, it was 11:30 AM when we walked out the doors with our wrist bands. What was great was that 5 1/2 hours! Meeting and talking to people that you have never met in you life and in that period of time becoming friends with other caring Americans that were concerned about the future of our country. We all shared the same views about the current dismantling of the country and the taking away of our freedoms. Wow, there are still free thinking people out there that remember the Constitution ! While we were in line, I started to feel a lot better about my country and found out there were more people concerned . I pulled out my phone and called a friend of mine at a sign shop and asked if they could quickly make 100 Sarah Palin for President bumper stickers. They were excited to be able to print them and happy to do it. Getting to Borders was not a problem as we lived close by, but some people had come from over two hours away and spent the nights in tents, sleeping on lawn chairs or the ground. Now that's commitment. At 6:00 PM tonight, we pulled back into the parking lot, started seeing lines of Americans, our new friends and started talking to them again. The excitement was building as we got in line outside the building. As we stood there, a lady was walking by with a small child in a stroller and people started taking pictures. It was Sarah Palin's grandson. I walked over and looked at the cute little bundle and I thought it would be a nice jesture to give one of my Sarah Palin bumper stickers to the lady pushing the stroller which I did. She was grateful and said Mahalo .Well back in line and we were soon inside the store. Way in the back was a curtained off area that was like the land of Oz where this lady was signing books. As we got closer we were told to have the book marked to the page she was going to sign. I thought of a cute thing to do, I would use the Sarah Palin for President bumper stickers as the book marks and give them to her. It was my turn and one of the gentlemen took out my bookmarks and laided them on the table. She asked Do you want me to sign these , I said yes, if you would and she picked up her Sharpie and starting signing both bumper stickers and both books. She extended her arm, shook my hand, asked my name and I responded. I told her Thank You and told her she was a breath of fresh air to our country . I felt star struck. This moose hunter was a very nice polite lady.Like my friends, Gary and Gina, we left refreshed. There is hope for America. As most everyone talked about today, our country does need some change but not total distruction by burdening those who work hard to get ahead or taxing everyone because they have ambition and success. There is a need to change , but it needs to be in Washington DC, our State Capitals and our City halls. Like everyone there today was talking, we need to cut government waste, cut the size of government, better educate our children and bring the jobs back to America. You can learn alot spending 5 1/2 hours with strangers. Thanks for taking the time to read this. There will be change in 2010 and 2012 and it will be good. There are good people out there.God Bless America.I approve this message,Larry

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