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Jane Irwin

Hey! Next time you're out on this side of the state, give us a buzz -- we can do lunch!

Jane Irwin
Fiery Studios


Jane: That'd be fabulous. You do the same when you're out this way!


Day after day I complain to my hsnbaud about the belly left after 5 pregnancies and a back injury. He continues to tell me how beautiful I am, to love myself as I am, that it's okay if I want to make changes, but to do it for myself in a positive way. Not until I listened from start to finish to your message did I ever think of it as a Negative Body Obsession. Never did I think about it as a detriment to me and what I accomplish day after day, how much some of the enjoyment of life goes away for me and my hsnbaud because of this obsession with my body. Thank you for all you shared. The problem has not magically disappeared, but now I am at that next level of being consciously aware of what tearing myself down each day is doing and must move forward to a more positive relationship with myself and my body. Thank you.[]

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